Landfill biogas

Two biogas projects near Vievis, Lithuania. The very first to make power from landfills site gas to decrease the stench in the region.

Power: 1600kW
Heat power: 1622kW

Other projects

Biogas from organic waste

Tvari Energija is a biogas project near Elektrėnai in eastern Lithuania. A power plant there produces biogas from secondary animal products, such as food or slaughterhouse waste, which later becomes green energy. Power: 999kW Heat power: 1058kW

Agricultural biogas

13 biogas projects  (8 in LT, 5 in BY) that are generating gas from animal origin and green waste. These power plants produce clean energy via the wet fermentation method, processing secondary animal products and green waste. Power: 12200kW Heat power: 12900kW