Large scale projects

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Financers and PPA providers

Our reputation of trusted partner has allowed us to establish successful partnerships with international banks, development finance institutions and investment funds.

The sound bankability of our projects has ensured their smooth and timely realization.

Our experienced team successfully deals with different aspects of the project finance from deal financing structuring to complicated tax and legal compliance issues.

To ensure stable revenue stream and hedge against market risks, we are continuously working with reputable PPA providers.

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Developers and EPC providers

We are always open to establish long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships for development.

Our multinational experience in development and construction process allows us to be strong partner to developers and EPC providers from the early design phase to the commissioning of PV plant both at legal and technical level.

This helps us employ flexibility in our approach and enable us to take over and successfully deliver mature projects or start and complete projects from the greenfield stage.

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Land owners

We are interested in renting or purchasing land in our target markets encompassing the following features:

  • The surface of at least 8 ha.
  • Flat surface, unshaded by buildings or trees
  • Not situated in environmentally sensitive or heavily populated urban area.

Our common land lease agreements envisage sound rent payments and 30-year duration.

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As PV projects require know-how from many different complex topics, we value and constantly seek building effective partnerships with consultants to ensure that all aspects of every project are covered to ensure the smooth process from the very start to commissioning and operation of PV projects.

Utility PV Plants

Operation in North and Eastern Europe

More than 60 MW

Construction in Central and Eastern Europe

~50 MW

Development in South Europe

300 MW

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