How does GREEN GENIUS make money?

Solar energy is the best way to generate electricity: it’s clean, renewable, cheap and accessible to everyone. And you don’t even have to own a solar power plant to enjoy these benefits. ‘How’s that?’ you say. Simple. You can become a GREEN GENIUS and start renting the equipment for next to nothing. Now, that’s genius.

It’s really rather simple – you embrace your GREEN GENIUS and rent the solar power plant from us. The rental cost is included in the rates of the green energy you consume, so for every kilowatt-hour produced by your power plant, you pay a tiny rental fee.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a very small fee. So how does GREEN GENIUS manage to install relatively expensive solar power plants in so many households?

You could say that GREEN GENIUS benefits from two superpowers.

The first superpower: first of all, as a business, GREEN GENIUS can borrow several times more cheaply than private individuals.

The second superpower: as a major player in the energy sector, GREEN GENIUS can purchase solar power equipment from suppliers at a considerably lower price than individual consumers.

Result: lower equipment costs and the ability to borrow under good conditions mean that our investments in solar power plants pay off faster than in the case of an individual consumer acquiring it on their own. And that’s the whole secret!

And there’s another little something…

Financial backing

In addition, GREEN GENIUS belongs to an international group of companies – the Modus Group – which develops businesses in the renewable energy sector as well as other promising industries. This ensures the strong financial backing needed for the development of the GREEN GENIUS business model.

Long-term strategy

Moreover, GREEN GENIUS isn’t after quick profits, but rather has a long-term strategy for its business, with earnings expected to roll in in 5 to 7 years’ time. Until then, we take pride in knowing that an ever-increasing portion of the population is being helped to reduce their energy costs and become more environmentally friendly.
It’s worth mentioning that we intend to offer the GREEN GENIUS model across various European markets in the near future.

Green energy with no commitments

Becoming a GREEN GENIUS involves no risks. Not only can you have a solar power plant installed on your roof without any investment, but, after the first year, you can also continue consuming green energy with no commitments. One year is a sufficient amount of time to see the real benefits of solar energy, and then you can make the decision whether it stays or goes.

GREEN GENIUS has no interest in tying in customers to lengthy contracts because we have no doubt that they will want to continue reaping the solar energy benefits long after their contracts run out. After all, who would want to cancel a service that offers financial benefits and helps to protect the environment?


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