And what critical journey takes 8 minutes?

Have you noticed the world we live in?

Self-driving cars, buses powered by coffee grounds, nanotechnologies… Almost anything we can imagine can become reality. You might have also noticed that most genius ideas are almost always the simplest ones. And this is also true when it comes to protecting the environment. In fact, you have in your hands a simple but genius (and totally free) solution to use solar power for your home. And that solution is GREEN GENIUS.


Despite the abundance of fascinating innovations, we are still facing the same problem: the Earth’s natural resources and non-renewable energy sources are being depleted. What can be done about it? The answer is as old as the Earth itself – we can harness the power of the sun.

You can start using solar power today by renting the GREEN GENIUS solar power plant. In this way, you’ll contribute to solving the world’s ecological problems while shaving money off your energy bills. That’s what we call a win-win.

Our power plant can be placed on your roof free of charge and with plenty of advantages – we’ll handle the paperwork and the upkeep of your power plant for you, at no additional cost. The GREEN GENIUS team will be responsible for everything while you consume greener and – most importantly – cheaper energy. Sounds too good to be true? Read on.


The way this service works is simple – there is no monthly charge for the rental of the power plant. You only pay for the green energy – for as much as the sun generates. The price of the kilowatt-hour produced by GREEN GENIUS is the price of the rental. Our two-way accounting system allows you to accurately calculate your energy consumption – and you can even monitor it in real time.


Imagine: you’re in your living room watching the TV, or in your garage plugging the e-car in to charge – and you’re using totally green energy. Doing good makes you feel good, and it’s a nice feeling. You know what makes it even nicer? Knowing that you’re saving money at the same time! With GREEN GENIUS, your annual household energy costs can be reduced by up to 15 per cent.

And we don’t stop there. We’re constantly on the lookout for new technologies and ideas to make solar energy accessible to more people. And if we make green energy simpler and cheaper in the process, it’s not by accident.


It’s a simple fact that the energy produced by a solar power plant can easily meet all of a home’s energy needs. The modern solar power modules are so advanced they convert every little ray of light into kilowatt-hours.

But what happens when the sun is shining all day long and there’s no-one home to consume the energy, except a lonely, grumbling fridge? In this case, your power plant generates enough energy to save some for later! The energy doesn’t appear from thin air and it doesn’t disappear – the DSO grid holds on to the surplus energy for you. Think of it as a battery that will power your house during those cold winter months. This means that you are not dependent on the sun – instead, you remain connected to the national grid.


You can use the solar power plant rental service with no commitments – the agreement is extremely flexible.

What happens if you want to cancel the service? Easy. After the first year of use, you can cancel without any fees and go back to using only DSO energy. We’ll simply disassemble the power plant and take it off your roof. But first, we will ensure it for its entire lifetime!

Are you thinking this is all well and good but you’ve never heard of GREEN GENIUS before? We get it, but we disagree. GREEN GENIUS is part of the Modus Group, an international group of companies, many of which you certainly know already. And we can promise you that you will hear plenty about GREEN GENIUS in the near future, as we have a long-term strategy for investing in solar energy.

So, that’s enough facts about the simple but genius solution – GREEN GENIUS, the solar power plant rental service.

Wait, did we forget something?

Oh right – what about those 8 minutes? Well, that’s the time it takes for sunlight to travel 150 million km to reach us. In a way, these 8 minutes are why the Earth exists. You can contribute to keeping this planet cleaner and greener every time you click a button – flicking on the kettle or switching on the bathroom light – if you have solar energy modules on your roof to feed those buttons. Then not a single clean energy kilowatt-hour gets wasted.

Will you join the like-minded community?


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