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We are GREEN GENIUS, a renewable energy company with a pioneering difference. We are bringing green, more affordable energy to everyone around the globe.

Who we are

Our ambition is to break down barriers so that anyone anywhere could quickly and easily switch to renewable energy - the energy that is cheaper and does good to the communities. And we’re onto something big here.

GREEN GENIUS is about the simple but genius idea of solar-as-a-service. We enable businesses and individuals to switch to green energy without incurring any equipment, installation or maintenance costs. We come in, set up your solar power plant, you pay for the energy it produces. Genius.

Our global goal is to drive revolutionary ideas and turn them into innovative products. With a global mindset and nimble local teams, we’re able to take grand solutions and seamlessly adapt them to every market. If there’s a way to consume greener energy and pay less, we’ll find it for you.

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This is what we do

Making a greener future roof by roof.
In 2018 we successfully launched solar-as-a-service in Lithuania and Poland, and now we’re moving to further markets.

Helping companies meet sustainability requirements and reduce their energy bills.
Since 2017 more and more businesses are using our service and reducing their carbon footprint.

Moving towards a greener environment in big steps
Since 2011 our team is passionately working on large projects all over Europe.


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10 years

Our team has been working in the field of solar energy for more than 10 years. We know what we're doing!

100 GWh

100 GWh are generated annually in utility-scale & direct consumer plants.

50 000 tons of CO2

Together with you we made an impact by replacing more than 50.000 tons of CO2 per year!

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Implemented projects

Our implemented projects allow businesses and consumers to use green energy from the sun for both work and leisure.
Solar energy is not only cheaper, it also saves the planet.

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Lina Maskoliūnė
Head of Technopolis Lietuva
Kristina Kildienė
Head of LTP Texdan
Rolandas Viršilas
Head of Švyturys-Utenos alus
Alė from Lithuania

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