Green Genius – a renewable energy company that creates a difference.

We develop solar energy and biogas projects across Europe.

Who we are

Green Genius is a renewable energy company that develops biogas as well as large-scale and B2B solar projects. We have accumulated more than 10 years of experience and today are developing renewable energy projects in 8 European markets: Lithuania, Spain, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus and other countries. 

Annually we generate approximately 16GWh of green energy allowing us to save more than 160 thousand tonnes of CO2. That’s approximately the amount that 2.6 million trees absorb in a year. Green Genius is a part of the international group of companies Modus Group, present in 12 European markets.

What we do

Green Genius at a glance

10 years

Our team has been operating in the field of solar energy over 10 years. We really know what we're doing!

170 MW

Total capacity of Green Genius implemented projects in all markets

160k tones

Our projects make an impact by replacing more than 160.000 tons of CO2 per year!